Hi, I'm Rebekah. 21 years old.
Studied Psychology with Clinical Psychology at the University of Lincoln. Lincoln Jets Alumni.
Intensity Fusion Cheerleader.


I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life

Bawling my eyes out at gogglebox. They showed a clip from sports relief of a man called Bob talking about his wife who had Alzheimer’s and passed away. I remember watching that when it was first on tv and I was an absolute mess. It is the single most upsetting thing I’ve ever seen on tv.


I’m forever lonely and always horny. See the problem?

I don’t want Scotland to leave the UK. Mainly because change makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like change at all.

Hahahahahaha but cheating on them is fine…

Can someone just pretend to care about me and give me cuddles?

#ugh #needy